oûcollie founder Monika Pawlowska worked for numerous high profile companies before starting her own brand. 

Her aim was to create a brand which produces gorgeous, unique accessories for women and especially children so as to promote the "buy less" ideology among mothers and to show them that there is no need to be prepared for every occasion or every go-out by having enourmous amount of cloths, the easiest and consious way is to have basics and accesorize it by easy, chic little collar.

All collars are ethically made, long lasting and manufactured by small European companies, all the materials are sourced in Europe.

oûcollie is a luxury, design lead women and children’s faux collars brand based in Poland. The entire collection is sourced and manufactured in Europe. The highest level of craftsmanship and quality of manufacture is used for the collection. No expense is spared in any detail. 

The collection consists of ready to wear boys and girls accessories as well as collars, cuffs and bow ties. 

oûcollie is not a trend follower, but a pioneer of style. Every collection is a way to give an elegant and fashion touch to ordinary basic piece of clothing. Our focus is not to be liked by everybody, but to be passionately loved by a few. Our dream is to be represented by the most prestigious designer boutiques and department stores worldwide.