Let the Kids stay Comfy but Chic

Based on our experience as mothers, we are not afraid to admit that we design these collars, while considering the struggle of many moms that try to persuade their small treasures to wear something festive, or at least a little bit more elegant? Sounds familiar? We make magic happen! Kids stay in their favourite clothes, while the collar adds a stylish, often original and polished look.

Comming Soon

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Soon in our offer you will find beautiful, personalized collars dedicated to a special occasion such as the birth of a child or baptism.

About Us

oûcollie is a children’s brand carrying
a variety of unique, hand-sewn detachable collars designed by a team of passionate women (mothers) based in Poland.
We do what we love!

Design your Collar

This is a competition created by oûcollie and the bébé concept store for children from around the world aged 3-12, in which children can design their own collars. On December 6, 2023, we will select the 2 best designs and include them in our Spring Collection '24

For the Stockists

We are a new brand on the children's clothing market. You can find our collars on the world's most important B2B platforms. We invite all resellers to meet us there and cooperate.